Air New Zealand becomes first airline to serve vegan Impossible Burgers

“Like Impossible Foods, we are committed to offering our customers a fresh and innovative approach to cuisine”

Air New Zealand is giving their customers a taste of the future.

A new in-flight collaboration with Silicon Valley food tech start-up, Impossible Foods.

Air New Zealand now has the Impossible Burger on their inflight menu
The days of boring, vegan-unfriendly in-flight meals are over!

If you're like me, you still remember what your last burger tasted like. It was pretty damn tasty right?

No doubt you lament the fact that cruelty-free versions of burger patties just aren't hitting the mark...

Enter the Impossible Burger! A completely animal product free alternative to the classic burger patty. 🍔

The Impossible Burger’s magic ingredient is an iron-containing molecule called heme which comes from the roots of soy plants; exactly the same as the heme found in animal meat.

The result is a plant-based burger patty that cooks, smells and tastes like beef but contains no animal products whatsoever. 😍

Air NZ feat. Impossible Burger

Air New Zealand are officially the first airline service in the world to serve this award-winning, plant-based burger.

If you're lucky enough to fly Business Premier Class, you'll notice this welcome addition to their menu on flights from Los Angeles to Auckland.


The Making of Impossible Burger

To create this incredible new meal, Impossible Foods has had their dedicated team of top scientists, farmers and chefs, spend the last six years studying what makes a good beef burger patty.

They identified methods and ingredients to naturally recreate everything -- the sights, sounds, aromas, textures and flavors.

So how did they go? Well, the end result is an impossibly delicious game changer of a burger.

Also, because they use 0% cows, the Impossible Burger impacts only a fraction of the Earth’s natural resources.

Compared to cows, the Impossible Burger uses:

  • 95% less land,
  • 74% less water, and
  • creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Oh and it’s 100% free of hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients — cruelty-free and extremely beneficial to our environment!


Flying with Air New Zealand anytime soon? I wish I was!

Let me know your thoughts on this below...


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